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Toney Benny is a certified blockchain expert, a seasoned product manager and trained computer engineer. Aside from technology Mr. Benny has made over $500K by the age of 23 trading in various financial markets. 

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Sebastian Pascal is a serial entrepreneur, graphic designer and licensed finance professional. Mr. Pascal has over 7 years of experience in the startup world and has had a successful career in sales and copywriting.

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MEXC is a secure and reliable Crypto asset exchange for trading various crypto tokens.


Trade Bozz is an official partner and Trade Bozz users who use MEXC will receive various benefits. Link on the picture to access MEXC, happy trading!


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Brave is a Web 3.0 browser that allows users to avoid being tracked from major corps who sell your data to 3rd parties. Brave even rewards users for their data. 


Trade Bozz is an affliate of Brave. Get access to Brave and start receiving rewards via clicking the picture. 

GoodBarber is an official partner of Trade Bozz. Good Barber is an innovate no code product develop platform.  

Wall Street Family is a Cryptocurrency education platform based out of Kochi, India. Our partners have built a platform focused on educating fledging investors. The platform is currently counseling Malayalis. 


Trade Bozz at this present time is helping Wall Street build out their platform and reach out to more Malayalis. 


Click on the picture to access the platform. This is a platform for Malayalam speakers. 

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We are based out of the Greater Boston Area

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