Financial Services Conglomerate


Trade Bozz is a firm started by an immigrant who came to the land of opportunity in hope of achieving the American dream. His mission is now to help others of all backgrounds turn a fantasy into reality!

Our Mission


Help over 1 million Americans make over $100,000 via owning equity in the free market!

Help over 100,000 Americans make over $1,000,000. 

The Stratagem


We have commenced stage 2 of our 3 step plan! Stage 2 is the creation of FinTech products to serve overlooked communties. 

Phase One


Education & Media:

Education Platform

The 3 P's Podcast


Educating Gen Z

Educating Millennials

Working with High Schools

Working with Ex-Cons

Phase Two


FinTech Products:

Crypto Token

Remittance App

Peer Lending App


Helping Overlooked Communites


Equitable Finance using Blockchain Tech

Phase Three


Stealth Mode:

So secret if we told you.

Men in Black Suits will visit your house!










Trade Bozz uses an assortment of technology to power our platform. We use regular Web 2.0 tech, and we are also utilizing Web 3.0 and blockchain tech to bring a better experience to consumers. 

Trade Bozz Investment Corp.